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Requirements for O¤A:

1. Must be over the age of 18

2. Must have TS 3, preferably a microphone as well

3. Must have premium and be a pearl purchaser.

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  Welcome to Orion's Armada 

We are currently recruiting all players who meet our requirements. We are an island defense, island offense, warfare, gameplay, testing, questing, and moderating experienced guild. We have members from all walks of life in the United States and wish to welcome you with open arms!

Please contact SethBob3030{P*R} or any member of O¤A if you are interested in joining our family!

Of note is the fact that we are a member guild of the Pheonix Rising (hence the {P*R} after my name) alliance. This is one of the top three alliances in terms of size on the US East server. We have all been playing together and sharing the same teamspeak for over a year now with no major issues. This is a blessing as it's a great place to meet some really neat people and expand your knowledge of the game.

P*R Alliance consists of these guilds:
  • TEN
  • AFU
  • BBT
  • O¤A
  • EYE
  • R*R
  • †F†
We are currently in a coalition with these guilds:
  • ÐØÐ
  • Δ†Δ
  • TGA

Our Current Warlist is as follows:
#: [357] [721] [10%] [*]<-- this last one shows up like an actual big star
A: [A*P] [AFW] [AOL] [ADX] [ACT]
B: [B+A] [BSA] [BR] [ßCh] [BPP]
C: [CH*] [C~D] [CDD]
D: [ЧP] [=D=] [Ч½] [ÐÃD] [DCF] [DUB] [DCP] [dpn]
F: [FfR] [FU2] [fo4]
G: [GµÑ]
H: [HDD]
I: [IR"] [IBN]
J: [JAG]
K: [KJK]
M: [!m!] [mc²] [MSS]
O: [OBS]
P: [PDC] [PWR] [PFA] [PK°] [P&G]
R: [RTS] [?ZR] [REL]
S: [SUC] [§ð§] [SOH] [SPR] [S7D] [S?P] [SBB]
T: [Ta2] [TwÐ] [TC*] [T!M]
U: [UTT] [UPN]
V: [VEX] [VOB]
W: [wWw] [*WB] [WCA]

Never Played Seafight?

Check it out at Be sure to log in to the USA 1 (US EAST) Server as that is our play server!

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sethbob3030, Nov 11, 10 12:57 AM.
O¤A has established a GuildPortal website. Welcome! We are currently recruiting all players that meet our requirements.
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